Frequently-Asked Questions
Q: What music is generally included in a wedding ceremony?
For a traditional wedding, there are usually five separate pieces in the wedding ceremony:
1. A piece for the seating of the grandmothers and mothers
2. A piece for the bridal party (minister, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearer)
3. A piece for the entrance of the bride (called the Processional)
4. A piece for the lighting of the Unity Candle (if there is one)
5. A piece for the exit of the bridal party (called the Recessional)

Q: Do you provide music for a cocktail hour or reception? 
A: With our busy schedules as performers and teachers, we are currently only offering music for the prelude and ceremony portions of a wedding. 

Q: Do you usually attend the wedding rehearsal? 
No. Due to our extensive experience with wedding ceremonies, we find that attending the rehearsal is an unnecessary expense for our clients On the wedding day, we work with the coordinator to ensure that every detail is in place.

Q: Who chooses the music for the ceremony?
You do! Or, if you would rather us choose appropriate pieces, that is also a good option.

Q: Who chooses the music for the prelude?
We choose music from our music library that will set the mood for your ceremony.
Q: I want a song in my wedding that is not on your list. Can you play it?
Yes, as long as you send us sheet music for the song at least three weeks before the wedding date.

Q: I want a vocalist to sing in my wedding. Can you play with them?
Yes, but we will need the sheet music for the song at least three weeks in advance, and there will be a $75/player rehearsal fee to rehearse with your vocalist. We consider this issue on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How do I hire you for my wedding?
Email us your wedding date. If that date is open, we will email you our contract. Sign and return the contract with a $100 deposit. It's that simple! 

Q: When must I pay you the balance?
The remainder of the balance is payable when HeartStrings arrives at the wedding/special event location. 

Q: When will you arrive on the day of the wedding?
We will arrive an hour before the start of the ceremony to meet the wedding coordinator and set up. We will begin playing the prelude music 30 minutes before the ceremony so that music is playing while guests are seated. 

Q: What if my wedding party/guests are late arriving to the rehearsal or wedding? Do you charge late fees?
If there is more than a 20-minute delay, we charge a late fee of $50/player. 

Q: What equipment will you need to perform?
We will only need upright chairs without arms. 

Q: Can you play outdoors?
Yes. However, our contract stipulates instruments must be kept under cover/shade and kept dry at all times. We cannot perform outdoors under any kind of precipitation. Also, we cannot perform outside if the temperature is greater than 90 °F. 

Q: How will the musicians dress for my event?
We dress in formal black.